NEW VIDEO: John O'Brien 'Happy To Love'

Artist: John O'Brien

New Release: Happy To Love

Genre: Pop

Located in: St Augustine Beach, Florida

This was a song that came about rather purposefully. I was scheduled to go to a recording session to record a couple of demos and I had written a fairly sad song that I was going to record.

I decided that I had to write a really happy song and spent time trying to figure out what happiness actually is to me.

I thought about how, when you walk around the crowded spot you often see somebody who looks very attractive, not necessarily physically attractive, but attractive from the standpoint of your mind springing forward into a fantasy of being in love and being together. And I asked why? What I recognized is that love is happiness. I tried to figure out if there were forms of happiness that didn’t involve love, and of course, there’s money and material things, but those fantasies about that person who you never met, probably never will meet, don’t bring that same level of happiness. (That beautiful cabin cruiser’s never going to make you smile the way a person you are in love with can.)

My musical influences are...
rock, but with a strong jazz and pop influence. This song is almost pure pop. I kind of imagine a skittles commercial with unicorns running around and it when I hear it. I think Mark, my partner keyboard player, came up with that little piano riff that repeats through the song while we were doing a live recording of it in the studio. We recorded most of the song on the first try after a couple of run-throughs and in the recorded version most of the tracks that you hear are actually from that original recording.

Our music direction now can be described as our proposed motto which is “New Rock! With the Feel of Jazz And Pop”. Pop music is evolving into something very different than it once was. I have to think about whether the booming synthetic bass drum that occupies so much space in a modern pop song actually does enhance the music, or does it just force people to listen to the music? I also want to begin taking a more bilingual approach to songs. We did a recording of the song on our new album called “En Tu Tiempo” translated in your time which is based on the song “leaving in your own time” which is in the album.

It has both English and Spanish lyrics and it and it came out beautifully. I think there’s a lot to be said for a bilingual approach to music and in the US English/Spanish is huge and is just going to get bigger. We are writing now for a new project and we are taking on some topics in the new songs that are not based on the concept of love between people.

For instance, we have a new song called “mother ocean” which is a song celebrating the blood of the earth, which is the ocean and talking about how we love and need the ocean and how we are not being very loving to the ocean as a human race. We intend to produce a series of demos right now that we will either produce ourselves or in cooperation with a record label depending on what label is willing to give us a shot. I think our last album, which happy to love is in along with other songs that are known to you, speaks for itself and the quality of musicianship and arrangement that we can bring to bear.

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