New Video 'My Side' from Aeronima Goazz FFL Sound

Making music is who I am. I love the process of it from getting a beat to writing and freestyling lyrics. Creating a video for a great piece of music is something I’m proud of as a musician. Video brings your song to life through visual imagery. I feel it’s a very important part of the process.

Aeronima Goazz FFL Sound

Song: My Side :

I'm very passionate about hiphop music as a style. It explains itself to the audience through story telling. This song is about me dealing with an injury everyday. The Struggle of back pain and how it relates to the struggles you go through in life. God has plans for your future always so you should never let your circumstances define who you are.

I struggled alot as a child coming up but now I can turn that into my hustle as a man. We are humans and we are faced with challenges coming from struggling backgrounds but we have the power to change our circumstances. You just have to believe in yourself and push through those problems as they arise. Nothing is too big for our God. 

Believe in yourself no matter where you come from!

No matter your circumstance!

Be you! God has a plan for your life.

No one can stop that. Your life is destined. 

Video was filmed in Verdunville,  Louisiana by 2k films Tyrone Thomas.
The filming went well. We worked together and I told him the ideas for the scenes and he worked with me to get it done. Nothing was planned for the video. We used what we had around. I just know I wanted to do a music video for this song but let the direction come organically.

The process was so much fun and the day was awesome. Making this video actually inspired me to create more. Music is a big help for me. Being creative with my style and music helps me cope with my back pain. I love music videos. I love everything that's apart of the process from the music to the clothing I wear. It represents who I am. Fresh For Life Sound 

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