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Ela Dawn-avaliveradio.png

Band Name: Ela Dawn

Song name: Black waters

Music Genre: pop

I live in... Jakobstad, Finland

This song is about...
Black waters is about having hope to regain something that you've lost or rebuild a relationship that is broken and has fallen apart. Even in the darkest of times you still have hope to get through it.

My music is...
I want to inspire with my music. I write from life experience and I want my music to be something that can be related to anyone’s story, not only mine. I want people to enjoy it and I want to help anyone that needs strength to get through what they're going through with my music.

Website & social media links:

Angie Maserati newmusicmonday.png

Artist: Angie Maserati

New Release: "Love" The Album

Genre: Pop, singer-songwriter

Located in: California

This song is...
Maserati’s passion for Italy, it's culture, along with the creative vibrations from NYC set the tone for the inspiration and creation of “Love” the album. Both trips enlightened and changed her life and she is beyond eager to share that change with the world! "I have been preparing for this moment all of my life. My spirit told me it would come. My passion and desire have only grown with time. Believe, and don’t settle for less than everything you know you were made for. The adventure ahead is going to be amazing! Let’s go!! This album is a dream come true and I am so thankful. Collaborating with Peter Michael Escovedo made it all possible. We had a true meeting of the minds and our combined talents made the magic that you will hear and feel from this album. Peter Michael is connected with some of the best musicians in the world and they have shared their musical gifts on this album."

Right now we are...
At this time I am promoting my solo album titled "Love" which is available everywhere now for streaming and purchase. Fans and listeners can visit my site at to download/purchase a copy. I am also full throttle ahead with a radio campaign, touring locally, and wrapping up a music video. There is a plethora of amazing projects in the works.


Airy Jeanine newmusicmonday.png

Artist: Airy Jeanine

New Release: Rainbows In The Rain (Toby Remix)

Genre: Pop / Dance

Located in: Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

This song is...
Rainbow in the rain is a positive message for that young child or adult who faces challenges in life that create loss of hope. Even though the lyrics maybe channeled to a select few, I am certain that all who listen will be inspired. IRY JEANINE is an entertainer on the rise, about to impact the world of entertainment. The teenaged New Jersey based Pop Singer, Songwriter, and Actress has a wide spectrum of talents. She is a skilled multi-instrumentalist with agile vocals that exude an easygoing ambience. Her performing repertoire is well defined, as she continues to chart a journey into a bright future that is unfolding with great expectancy. The blossoming performers’ inclinations began in her formative years, participating in ballet and acting, and later incorporating music and singing as a part of her early interests. She is progressively developing and perfecting her artistry. An evident talent, with adept musical and songwriting abilities, Airy Jeanine is primed for Pop acclaim, ready to bring her brand to the world, and establish her place in the upper echelon of today’s popular entertainers. Riana Grande, Adele, Passenger, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran, and Miley Cyrus are among her musical influences.

Right now we are...
I am currently recording new music for 2019, All though I am continuing do performances until the end of 2018, I am excited about performing at NAMM January 2019 in Anaheim, California. We are in the process of finalizing one of those performances to be at the House of blues.


Kristin Moura tidal wave AVA LIVE RADIO NEW MUSIC MONDAY(2).png

Artist: Kristin Moura

New Release: Tidal Wave

Genre: Pop

Located in: Boston, Ma

Tidal Wave is about how we experience life and what goes on around us. There are so many obstacles that we all have to face on a daily basis. Even though there are so many things "crashing down" around us; we can still be lifted from the ground and still come out on top. So much of what goes on in life can either bring us down or up and its up to us to decide that path. The song is an upbeat reminder to stay positive throughout all the crazy

Tidal Wave came about lyrical from all the different experiences I came across trying to get where I am today. There were so many obstacles holding me back; and I felt I couldn't break free of the people around me . One day I said; I'm not waiting anymore and set out to find my own path and direction. I've since felt I am on my own journey and following the paths I want to pursue.

What’s ahead…
For the last couple months I have actually been pitching my music to sync opportunities and artists. I currently have a "maybe" from two different artists. Regardless of the outcome; i've got a win on my hands because it means what I have been working on is being heard and people are taking to it! So it is safe to say songwriting has been a major part of my journey.


The Song Tailors Featuring Milla Devilliers AVA LIVE RADIO NEW MUSIC MONDAY(2).png

Artist: The Song Tailors Featuring Milla Devilliers

New Release: Beautiful Day For Flying

Genre: Pop

Located in: Orange County

This song is...
Created by Australian songwriter Ruth Picker as part of her artist platform THE SONG TAILORS. Collaborating with local and international artists.

Right now we are...
In 2019 Milla will be traveling to Australia to perform with Australian artists to celebrate the release of this single and the full album of Song Tailors artists.


Charleesa avaliveradio pop single.png

Artist: Charleesa (pronounced Shar-leesa)

New Release: Powerhouse

Genre: Pop - PowerPop, PosiPop, SoulfulPop, RetroStyle, FunkyDIscoPop, SInger Songwriter

Located in: Vienna, Austria - British Born

This song is...
Motivating, Inspiring, Positive, SingerSongwriter Pop, Soul & Genre Fusion for the debut album - Eclectic & Diverse - No boxes please. 'Powerhouse' : An empowering song with strengthening lyrics, soulfully delivered vocals & syncronised with the sounds of retro 70's funky disco style vibes - this one will really get your groove on! A great anthem for winter.

Right now we are...
Alongside the release of my third single 'Powerhouse' taken from my debut album that I am currently recording, I also had my first official lyric video created which will be available on YouTube. I have recently started a new weekly feature on my Instagram IGTV channel, my Facebook page & my YouTube channel that I titled, Charleesa's 'Bedroom Studio Sessions' - you can watch me perform songs in the videos every Saturday afternoon & get an insight into my studio stage space where I practice for gigs, work on new songs & studio recordings for my album. I plan to finish my album and release it in May 2019, then of course I plan to go on tour during the summer with some amazing artists..... but for more information on that you will have to sign up to my 'Treasured members area' on the homepage of my website or follow me on social media.


'Powerhouse' by Charleesa is released on Friday 14th December 2018 across all online platforms !!!

Kolton Stewart move on AVA LIVE RADIO NEW MUSIC MONDAY(2).png

Artist: Kolton Stewart

New Release: Move On

Genre: Singer-Songwriter / indie / soft pop

Located in: Toronto, Ontario

I consider myself to be a diverse artist ranging in many different genres. Some of my main inspirations are Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, Ray Charles, Elton John, and Michael Jackson. I am also currently really into Lauv and Charlie Puth. This new song that I have released (Move On) is the first song that I have released where I have fully wrote and produced solely by myself. Not only is producing a new passion for me, but I have found that I am artistically able to do everything I want when I have full creative control which has been everything to me.

I think in result, this song is my favourite thing that I have ever released and it really shows who I am as an artist. This song truly means a lot to me and shows the place where I am in my life and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it!

Right now we are...
I am most excited to continue this writing/producing journey I am on. The past month I have written over 15 songs and I am just hoping to continue to expand my arsenal so that come 2019 I am fully prepared to start generating consistent releases. I am also headlining my first ever Christmas concert in about a week so I am extremely excited to play for a sold out show as my true love is live performances!!

Twitter- @KoltonStewart

Sunil Bhatia delirium AVA LIVE RADIO NEW MUSIC MONDAY(2).png

Artist: Sunil Bhatia

Song: Delirium 

Singer, Songwriter and Composer based out of Mumbai.

Having given released 2 Bollowood Songs, Independent Tracks and a Book.

This is the 8th and Final Track (Electronic Pop Rock) from the Music only album called 'Sound Machine'.

Website and social media links:


Artist: Jennifer Porter
New Release: Road To Redemption

Genre: R & B / Alt Country / Singer-songwriter

Located in: Buxton, Maine USA

This is a song about facing up to oneself, and finding redemption through faith in the rightness of action. Its musical roots are R and B, but there is an Alt-Country vibe, as well. The song features Jennifer's rich, beautiful voice, Hammond B3, acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums, and a backing chorus of fantastic gospel singers. This song hopes to give courage to those who feel lost in their lives.

After many years singing Jazz, this album is a return for Jennifer to the roots music that informed her early musical development, and to her songwriting.

Jennifer is planning tours for next year both in the US and abroad, and preparing to record several new songs.


Tommy Ocean Another Day, Another Time.png

Artist: Tommy Ocean

New Release: Another Day, Another Time

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Located in: Freiburg, Germany

I think there is no song more me than this one! Guess I just can't stop being optimistic, believing in a better day, in the day where the sun will shine and dreams come true and so on - crazy kids stuff! Even though I really wanted to write a pretty mean song when I started out with "Another Day, Another Time", it turned out differently... and at the end, it helped the creator himself quite a lot to overcome a very hard time, playing on and on in my "Head radio" that normally only spins Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler or Richie Havens...

The music we are creating is...
Pretty organic, trying move things on in the spirit of the sixties...

Right now we are...
Recording new songs and promoting finished songs


The swinging chads melissa avaliveradio.png

Song: Melissa

Artist: The Swinging Chads

Genre: Indie Pop Songwriter

This Song; Is the first completed for this album" Bringing the Heat'The Swinging Chads were on the road in Elko,Nevada,Our friend /Story teller Ronnie Maulden was in house that week. He had given me the Melissa Story a few months before our road trip.At this dinner meeting ,Melissa was there at our Chad Feast. After talking to her during the course of the meal.

I was able to write this song that evening and when arriving back home, I booked recording time with Keith Goddette at his studio; Fellow Chads Norman Collins and Larry Otis on Guitars and me on the Keys, Bass, Vocals and Horn Arraignments. We added Ken Ingels on drums the next week.

A friend at KRLA in SO Cal had called to see if we had new songs ready. A year later XR Power Radio has given the band two awards for a number one song.

Website & social media links: 

Mick J Clark It's Getting Near Christmas Video-017.jpg

Artist: Mick J Clark 

Song: “It's Getting Near Christmas”

Are you ready for Christmas? This cheerful song is getting us all into the holiday spirit. 

Song: "It's Christmas Party Time"

Every holiday party needs a fun song to help us celebrate our month with friends and family. Mick J Clark just released some fresh New Holiday Singles that you can add to your playlist.

Song: "Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah"

The Holiday season should be a joyous and peaceful time of year. Mick J Clark just released some fresh New Holiday Singles that you can add to your playlist including "Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah".