New single from New Ordinance 'All Of Me'

Artist: New Ordinance
New Release: All Of Me

Genre: Progressive house

New Ordinance is a New York based, multi-talented duo of instrumentalists, vocalists and producers, featuring Gray Devio and Gozzi, that delivers a new wave of Progressive House and Progressive Trance.

How do you feel about the music business?

New Ordinance: While the music business is ever changing, we are very excited by the technology that continues to evolve exponentially, allowing audiences and artists to be more aligned and connected than ever.

How do you feel about being a musician today?

New Ordinance: Being a musician today, tomorrow, or the next day will always be a blessing for us. Sharing our talents and abilities on and off stage is such an important part of what makes us feel alive.

Q: Why do you love making music?

New Ordinance: Making music delivers joy and fulfillment to us everyday because we are creating what we love to create, while positively affecting the lives of our audience on a regular basis.



chrislintonmusicThis is awesome

thekilogGreat Feed!

thekristinmouraThe music business can be tricky. Once you find the right rhythm and audience its all work!

carmentoth111It’s amazing that we can now to talk to fans and other artists around the world instantly 🤘🏻 💜


hanna_voxYes it’s very interesting to see all the new music styles and technique!

karisakay76Amen! I can really see we all do it for the same reason!! 🎶❤️🎶

homerikofficialLove this!!🤘 music keeps us alive!!

elisiasavocaLow-key 🔑


indiemusicspin@karisakay76 your very right about that

indiemusicspin@elisiasavoca nice

indiemusicspin@teamentertainment ⭐️☀️🍻

indiemusicspin@homerikofficial yes it’s a driving force

carmentoth111Agreed! Making music does deliver joy 🤘🏻💜

hanna_voxThat is a great goal when creating music!! Love it

nycnewmusicLove it, music gives you the opportunity to speak with your heart and soul..and loving the artwork too 👍👏


thekristinmouraI like telling a story