New single from QRAZE 'Hating'

QRAZE avaliveradio.png

Artist: QRAZE

New Release: HATING

Genre: POP

Located in: Sacramento CA USA

When the hate down work they start telling lies, this song sets the record straight for the world to know. Why they mad? Because you gone make it . Why they hating? Because they don't know how to ask for help, or how to do it.

Being real always brings negativity and still those who remain 8 more than 92 always remain on top and true.

My Influences are Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, Nelly , T.I. J.cole Lauryn Hill, Anthony Hamilton, Ronald Isley.

The music I’m creating is important because it’s an everyday thought. Everyone is thinking in their head why are you mad, or why you are you such a hater, or both? Reality is some people are just mad you do your thing and do it without giving up. 

Why they mad? Because you gonna make it.