Behind The Music with New Clue on Homeless

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Band Name: New Clue

Person Interviewing: Neil Whittington

Song name: Homeless

Music Genre: Rock, Classic Rock, Nostalgic Metal

I live in: New London CT

Link to play:

This song is about homeless people & families & how it can happen to anyone! The music we are creating is always true and relatable. We try keeping it real, by dealing with life's everyday struggles. There's always a price to pay for your actions.

What moved you to write this song, was there a particular story that inspired this song?
I came out to California and was living in a one room apartment selling vacuum cleaners. Every day that I went out I saw people living from a box with signs on the street asking for help. People would just walk on by and ignore them.

New Clue represents a willingness to never give up. and "Homeless" is a song written to hopefully wake up the intolerance of today's world to be sympathetic & empathetic to those in need! Not shrug them off because shit happens to us all & could happen to anyone... even you.

Who most inspired you from the 80’s era?

This campaign is so timely with the rebirth of yesteryear's Rockers and widespread revival tours. In our opinion, the 80's music was an expression; one that left a strong impact on a lot of us today. Everything has a way of coming full circle, and we see the 80's sound returning, but with a fresh reboot.

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How do you think this release represents your current direction..
New Clue is Nostalgic Metal Reborn. We all have individual influences, but it depends on the song we're playing. Everyone is unique, and offers a mixed style. We are writing new "New Clue" songs but we also take our "No Clue" songs and update them with a fresh reboot to be palatable today... "Homeless" is one of those.

This song comes from the EP Mystic Winds.

Right now, we are doing our home recordings this year and will be fine tuning our sound and new music in the studio soon. Hopefully you’ll see new music coming out from us in 2020.

We feel that the Music business is…
less profitable today. Nightclubs closing down left & right. However, with social media & internet technology, we are getting our music out there. It is being heard all over the world. We do get pennies from radio play & streaming. With that, folks search us out. Your listeners don't have to search us out. They can go to where there are multiple links to download it and/or grab a CD.

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Interview March 15

New Episode 688 Behind The Music with New Clue on Homeless

Neil Whittington and Jacqueline Jax tackle some tough topics and social issues like Homelessness and how music needs to be used as a tool to dive deeper into important problems and raise awareness for human problems.



Reviews: Jacqueline Jax Host of AVA Live Radio
”I love a band with a solid narrative. New Clue isn’t afraid to take a stand on issues that matter and I’ve come to listen intently to their lyrics and message as a result of their fearless pursuit of truth in a world where people ignore what’s real. “