New Single from New Clue 'Illustrious Youth'

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Artist: NewClue

New Release: Illustrious Youth

Genre: Rock, Classic Rock, Nostalgic Metal

Located in: : New London CT,USA

NewClue is Nostalgic Metal Reborn. We all have individual influences, but it depends on the song we're playing. Everyone is unique, and offers a mixed style. We try not to let our influences cloud the music. This song is a coming of age story, and something we can all relate to. When you have youth, you have dreams, aspirations, and a willingness to make an impact. It has a contemporary feel, and relates well in 2018. We wanted to deliver a song that's a straight-forward "toe tapper" with a positive message.

The music ...
he music we are creating is relatable. We try keeping it real, by dealing with life's everyday struggles. There's always a price to pay for your actions. This campaign is so timely with the rebirth of yesteryear's Rockers and widespread revival tours. In our opinion, the 80's music was an expression; one that left a strong impact on a lot of us today. Everything has a way of coming full circle, and we see the 80's sound returning, but with a fresh reboot.

Right now we are...: NewClue has a writing & recording focus... Currently, we are putting the pieces in order to schedule some live performances. Then, we're hoping to hit the stage come 2019. The process has been a slow recovery. For now the world is our stage! You can listen to us online just about anywhere but please buy a CD at ... As we await those numbers to grow with downloads.”

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