Nolan Lopez brings us back to High School Crushes in his new single "Sailin'

Nolan Lopez avaliveradio.png

Artist: Nolan Lopez
New Release: Sailin’

Genre: Pop

Sailin’ is song that relates to me personally because, being in highschool, there are girls who don't like me back all the time. So I wanted to make a song about trying to stay humble and dance even through the rough times of love. Keeping everyone positive.

I've been writing and producing my music since the 9th grade, four years later, and I've learned the reason I love to make music is because you have a chance to shed light on your own creativity that can only come from you. For example, if you gave five different people all the same music equipment, same music program, same instrrments, etc. None of them are going to produce the same song. It's so cool to hear what's going on in someone else head and feeling their emotions that could have connection to there own life. Creating music is putting pieces of ourselves to create love itself. That's why I love creating music.




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avaliveradio Your lyrical skill is unreal! @jm.beatz thinks so too. He wants to work with you, DM him ASAP.He's got some heat that may interest you!


Thanks so much!


Awesome promo art @nolanlopez


It's a great way to be. Keep shining