Behind The Music with NYC on 'Pour That Drink'

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Band Name: NYC
Artist: Nigel Yong-Ching
Song name: Pour That Drink
Music Genre:: R&B
The United Kingdom (the North West of England)

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'Pour That Drink' is a fun anthem about letting go, partying through the night in the heat of the summer, dancing with someone you just met, yet feel an intensity towards... I wrote it with fun in mind and some amazing summer memories from over the years

My new album is...
all about the summer...really it is designed to be a party record, that gives off a high energy vibe, with themes covering everything from falling in love and having an instant and undeniable attraction to someone...through to finding the strength to stand against adversity and fighting to make a relationship work. It really has been the most fun I have ever had writing music and I can't wait to share more.

With this release, I decided to explore my R&B roots..
it has always been my favourite genre. I grew up loving 90's and 00's R&B music (Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Usher, Janet jackson, Michael Jackson) and whilst I have sometimes played around with that style, for this album I decided to fully embrace it. "Pour That Drink" captures the fun vibe that the album carries throughout and is designed to get the party started and hopefully inspire a great summer party or weekend.

Best Advise...
A simple message really: "Listen to your heart". Not to try and become someone else or try to mould something into something you think will "fit in". Just write from the heart, create something that makes you tick and that energy and inspiration will find a way to bring it's own life to the music.

 I love to create music because it is my escape...
my way to express my emotions, life experiences or just tell a story. Having a creative outlet is a fantastic way to take you away from the World and have fun in a way that can inspire and bring joy to others...and in these times, that is a really important thing.


Nigel Yong-Ching from NYC comes back to speak to Jacqueline Jax about his new release 'Pour That Drink' and how the single has taken on it's own life. He's been having fun making music and celebrating being married. You'll especially enjoy listening to how he's been producing his photography shoots for each new release. 

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