Behind the Music with Nytro-T on 'The Fight Is Still In Me'


Band Name: Nytro-T
Person Interviewing: Terry Montgomery Jr
Song name: The Fight Is Still In Me

Music Genre:: HipHop
From Mableton, GA which is a small city inside of Cobb County Georgia. 

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This song is about...
Encountering troubling situations countless times over yet still staying determined to not give up. The willingness to continue the fight is the songs main theme driven from intense personal struggles in my life. 

I've always pushed through the hurt and agonizing pain, not giving up on this precious life. Recognizing that because you are choosing to overcome what you are dealing with, the person looking to you is being encouraged to do the same. A nice quotation that I really liked "Quitting is not an option," I read that some where on Instagram. (Jax)

My music is...
Motivation: When people hear a song of mine, they become motivated. I'm not just saying this, I've been told this several times. I asked them why? And they tell me it's something about your music that touches my soul. 

it helps me to relief and express how I am feeling. Throughout my day I am constantly creating music it calms down my spirit. My music is my escape route from reality of life.

This release represents me not going back to the way I once were with creating music. I would make several songs but after a few months or weeks I would lose momentum, motivation. I felt no matter what tried my music was not going anywhere. So with this release I am breaking down the wall that was built up around me when it came to music.

Best Advise...
 You cannot allow anything to deter you away from what you want to achieve. Keep going many hard roads will soon lead to smooth paved roads of success.

The music business is
an aggressive adventure but so rewarding. Being a musician today: allow so many creative minds to be heard and more opportunities. 

I love creating music because I am able to express and let go of all emotions, for several hours or less I am free.

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