Hip Hop Artist Nytro-T Releases a New Single Momentary

 Nytro-T MOMENTARY.png

Artist: Nytro-T
New Release: Momentary

Genre: Genre:Hip Hop , Sub-genre: Trap

Located in:  Atlanta GA

This song is about realizing our struggles, tough times hard situations are only momentary. Instead of constantly being depressed and sad it's time to realize how precious you are and your life. Enjoy your life because it to is momentary.

 The kind of music I am creating is songs that people can relate to for me it's not about bragging are being flashy. There are a lot of people out here hurting who needs to know you have someone that understands. This release is important because I feel there is someone out there that needs these words in this particular song.

Right now I am putting the finishing touches on the mixtape. Next I will be working on music videos. Also performing.