Pablo Mercedes Remembers a Friend on Recent Single 'Sweet sweet Rose'


Artist: Pablo Mercedes

New Release: Sweet sweet Rose

Genre: Alternative country - folk punk

Located in: : Leicester Leicestershire UK

The song is about the end of life and the departing of a dear sweet friend. It’s for those of us left behind.

These two 21st Century Cowboys have formed a new musical Collective (PABLO MERCEDES Y LOS COJONES DEL DIABLO) both were born and raised in the Tex area.

Built on historic wastelands next to the Rio Grande, this Wild West sector, where the Gunslinger is adored and the gift of music is worshiped. Forgotten movies and Prairie sounds fill their minds. Dodge city utopias form their music. Living within an Old Number 7 soaked ritual that releases your heart to the Colt 45's daughter, they go down & dirty into the heart of the wild west and drink at the devil's side. These two amigos of Folk Country unite to form the NEW country ! ! ! Pablo Well he's a NEW disciple of Acoustic Country Music and the gifts from Diablo have a price that we all have to pay in the end.

3rd Album Released 30/08/2019 "Devil made Two"

Right now we are gearing up for our return to SWSX festival 2020 - and a tour of UK/Europe.

How does music touch you?

Music for us the reason for being, It touches everyone in different ways but it touches everyone every day of their lives without you even noticing. 

What do you think music does for us all?

Music can lift your spirits or calm your soul, help you through the darkest of times or enhance a great experience.

How important is it to be authentic with lyrics?

Lyrics always come from the heart, be it light-hearted “one more beer” or a darker more reminiscent “sweet sweet rose” be true to your self and hopefully it will connect with people. when playing we try and live each song to get the maximum feelings across.

Why do you make music?

We make music not to become millionaires (never going to happen) but because we love what we do. Music pays the bills (some)and we are always thankful for that and if just ONE person says that they were moved/liked/loved a song we perform it makes the whole journey worthwhile.

We thank everyone who listens to at least 1 of our tracks and we send hugs & love if you listen to a whole album.