New Single from Hip Hop artist Parian 'No Challenge'

Parian single_no challenge.jpg

Artist: Parian
New Release: No Challenge

Genre: HipHop, rap, trap

Hugo Touma a.k.a Parian is a 20-year-old Canadian self-taught rapper & music producer. Bilingual and versatile, he performs, writes and composes trap, pop & R&B music, in English and French. Parian started singing pop when he was quite young but it was only as a teenager that he started listening to Hip-hop music. Inspired by rappers like White B, Enima and Niska, he started making his own beats 3 years ago. Getting positive feedback from fellow artists and Hip-hop fans, he started writing his own lyrics as well. Parian released two singles and one music video in 2018 through MusiqMatch.

Don’t "wait for it" to happen to you. You make it happen for yourself or keep trying until it does. Seize every opportunity and be as independent as you can. This means working hard to master your skills whether in mixing, writing or rapping. Being independent as a creator is a good thing because it means you know what you want and how to achieve it. So aim towards being a complete artist, as versatile as you can. Yet keep learning from others and embracing every collaboration opportunity. Keep an open mind because music will take you anywhere and it's worth the effort. Music is everything.



joegallagherjrWho did this video bro? It’s so sick! Where you from?

king_parian@joegallagherjr thanks man! the video was produced by montreal-based record label @musiqmatch with movie director jean-philippe dagenais

carmentoth111Well this is both badass and enjoyable to listen to. Well done🤘🏻💜

nycnewmusicGreat video, congrats! 👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

joegallagherjr@king_parian that’s so cool 😎

thecocoscottLove the philosophy of being a complete artist! All for that!!

americanpridemagazineGreat quality video and very interesting artist. Definitely keeping an eye on this one from here on out. Thanks for featuring such talent every day. AVA Live radio really does discover amazing people.