New Single 'Reflections' by PhilAhsophie

Artist: PhilAhsophie

New Release: Reflections

Genre: Conscious Hip Hop

Located in: : Austin TX

My track titled "Reflections" focuses on awareness & perspective. Self-awareness talks about knowing the past of which I came from. Such as all of the adverse, disadvantageous, and trying experiences I had. My lyrics shed light on perseverance and focus on rising up from such situations. Situations that many of us from the urban community have and do experience. I try to take my music in a positive direction. It is for being mindful that lyrics and words do impact the youth. I would like to be more of a good influence in that regard lyrically. Along with showing that it is cool to stand out and be yourself. 


My music provokes deep thoughts & provides insight on relative topics that is common among everyday people. Including the actual display of talent focused on rhyme skills and thought projection through lyrics...

I feel that this release will provide listeners with insight about me as a recording artist and what my standpoints are regarding hip hop. Including the use of critical thinking and analytical skills within rhyme schemes and lyrical flow. At this point, I am glad to be recording and releasing tracks to be heard by current and future fans.


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