New Release from Hip Hop Artist Pierce Tunes 'Spouky'

Artist: Pierce Tunes

New Release: Spouky

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Located in: : Athen, Ohio

This song was...
inspired by the Halloween block party at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Hence the 'OU' in the song title. The song switches from a catchy chorus, to some creepy verses. It's the perfect party banger for anyone trying to get a little "Spooky".The entire song was produced and mixed completely by Pierce Tunes, who self taught himself how to do so.

The music I am creating is...
fresh. This is the first song that I have released that is available on all major platforms including Apple Music and Spotify in a few days. The song is meant to show the ability I have and that it's only the start to a chain of great content to come very soon.

Right now we are...
Right now I am working a few very inspiring songs. I would say these are even better than Spouky, so I am very excited to get these out there. They will be released soon.

Twitter: @PierceTunes
Instagram: mikeypierce_
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