Plaid On Flannel New Single 'Love Desolation'

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Artist: Plaid On Flannel
New Release: Love Desolation

Genre: Rock

Plaid On Flannel is an alternative indie blues rock act from Toronto, Canada. "Love Desolation" is a song from 2018's "Independency" and it's foot stomping rock and roll with delayed vocals and harmonies. The song is influenced by 1990s alternative bands like Alice In Chains and Rage Against The Machine, but with an indie rock vocal delivery inspired by modern bands like Foals and Two Door Cinema Club. The mid-tempo song features call and response vocal harmonies in the chorus in the style of surf-rock legends like the Beach Boys.

The music business is changing right before our eyes.
The days of a band playing gigs and getting "discovered" by an A&R with a record label are over. Because of the internet and the availability of music worldwide, no record label will invest in an artist that is unknown, as well as let the artist do their thing. But there's a flip-side to that coin. An unknown artist now has the ability to control their own destiny through the internet. There are literally billions of people on YouTube and Facebook. Never before have artists had the opportunity to reach this many people on their own, without a record label.

There's a niche for every style of music and with the right marketing strategies, an artist can now reach the right fans on their own and build a culture and community around their music through social media and email marketing. This is indeed the new music industry and it's exciting. But the artist must put the time in to create a sustainable brand both when it comes to their craft in making music and the business side of the music industry.

Being a rock musician today is great because there's so much music to be influenced by to create an original sound. There are literally a million different ways to do a million different things. That's the beauty of art and it's originality amongst different artists.


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Something that many people forget.


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