Popichil`O Releases a Step Outside his Norm with Hip Hop Single Bad Girl


Artist: Popichil`O

New Release: Bad Girl

Genre: Hiphop

Sounds like: : Drake, kanye west, chance the rapper, jay z. future, j cole, chris brown, lil uzi vert, cardi b, kendrick lamar, nicki minaj,tupac,

Located in: Chicago, Illinois

My music is uninhibited. This song is a fantasy that turns into reality. This music is a step outside of my norm. I am more of a concious type of artist so this single is refreshing to my followers. It has a night life feel to it. Smooth, sexy and grown.

I do this because music is apart of my life. I write to share different emotions and bring the truth into the light. It’s that light in my life that inspires me.

Right now…
 I am currently working on my second album and I’m really excited to share this new work. Performing live is on my agenda and continuing to build my brand and expand.