Vovkulaka takes us deep into the mystic realm of Buddhist meditation with New Release Purple Door

New Release: Purple Door

Genre: Metal/Dubstep

Located in: Odessa, Ukraine

This song is...
Think...Korn meets the Buddha...Vovkulaka takes you deep into the mystic realm of Buddhist meditation. Based on a true story of a band member who was taken into a meditative state and asked to open the Purple Door to achieve Bodhi (enlightenment)... However, the Demon 'Mara' makes this impossible...It is a Nu-Metal version of fear and temptation. It features spoken word, in Russian and English, from Naya G and JuleZ. In the end, darkness is chosen... https://open.spotify.com/track/2TzM4AsfwvIT9kE4AV7iSo?si=T5DzEnIFQU-g6wlXY6zWDg

The music we are creating is...
Dark - Angry - Evil Metal. Most important, this is the first Vovkulaka track to Feature Naya G and JuleZ. Right now we are we are working on our CD featuring all our Singles!