New Release from PyraKite 'Popcorn Brain'

PyraKite popcorn brain.jpg

Artist: PyraKite

New Release: Popcorn Brain

Genre: Disco, Pop, Indiepop

Located in: Falun

What happens when you combine Jamiroquai, Boney M and Beastie Boys? You would have to make the impossible possible. This funny, ironic little piece of music is a reflection of our times and a hell of a groovy dance track to get everyone's feet moving on the dancefloor.

The music we are creating is...
in the direct influence of Artificial Intelligence. Our last record wanted to discover the mysticism of life and this time we're heading head over heels into the AI Robotic side of humanitys unconscious.


Right now we are...
releasing Popcorn Brain. This is the first single from the coming album `Conversations with an AI Robot`were we intend to dig deep into the weird situations and problems humanity might face with that new technology. This track is a funny, ironic and groovy disco-track about social media.