Behind the Music with Quest The Rebel on Indigo Girl


 Band Name: Quest The Rebel

Song name: Indigo Girl
Music Genre:: Hip Hop/R&B

All of my music is based on my experiences and things I know people go through. Indigo Girl is about having a connection with someone beyond physical attraction. My music is relatable and honest. This release shows my versatility. It's a different tone from the usual music I release.

The best piece of music advice I received is "You can do anything you put your mind too" - Eminem. That one part changed how I think everyday about everything because it's the truth.

How music has brought 'Quest The Rebel' through hard times. Jacqueline Jax speaks with the artist about the Hip Hop culture today verses 90's Rap. The benefits of collaborating and working with a production partner. The challenge of performing for a live audience and what artists need to be focusing on to build a sustaining career in music.


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Jacqueline Jax: I like your style and delivery. The clarity is great and your timing is very old school. I love a catchy lyric that tells a story.