Radio Drive plans his career revival with Sweet Thing

Radio Drive sweet thing avaliveradio .png

Artist: Radio Drive

New Release: Sweet Thing

Genre: Alternative Pop Rock

Located in: St Paul, MN

“Sweet Thing” is a pop love song. You can hear my earlier musical influences in this song, especially the British music influences from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Cold Play.

Spotify Link to Sweet Thing:

I had just come through a year or two of personal hardships that ended my music career. It started back in 2015. There was a European tour that our manager was working on that never took place…

The band members went their separate ways and my brother died of cancer all this within the span of 2 months. It was all too overwhelming for me and I stepped back from music to regroup my life.

This album, along with this song, was part of my journey back. I honestly didn’t know if I had any music left in me to write so as you can imagine it meant a lot to me knowing I could still record and release music.


I recorded the song at my home studio and played all the instruments and vocals. The sound files were then sent to the Producer, Robert Smith, in New York City to do the final mix and mastering. Robert has worked with Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Aerosmith and many of my favorite artists so I felt the music was in good hands.

It wasn't until we started planning the theme of the video for "Sweet Thing", that I realized the theme of the song and what was important about the direction of this song. I wanted to capture a relationship built on love, honor, and respect. I wanted to present something that would elevate the beauty of a relationship in its simplicity.

Right now I am finishing up a music video for my song "Sweet Thing". After that, I will be releasing a new album later this summer that I am excited about.

Plus, I'm planning to get the band back together and get back to some live gigs. There's quite a lot in the works and planning right now. It's great to be back.