Rap Caviar Indie Music Playlists August 2019 on AVA Live Radio

Explore some exciting new music from creators all over the world recently discovered by our host Jacqueline Jax as she searches the far corners of the globe for talented Hip Hop artists who are inspiring change with their music.


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New Release: Home

Genre: Hip hop

Located in: : Atlanta Ga

It’s the first song off the A.T.L.I.G album dropping 8/7. The song is about hip hop telling me to come home. I got to a point where the industry made me hate rapping, but she said to come back home and do what you're good at and leave everything that’s not me alone.

I do that soulful, storytelling, motivational hip hop. That hip hop where you knew what I The song was about. That hip hop that you can listen to 10 years from now. I think we call it music! When you hear nas or jay-z, Kanye, or Phil Collins you valued music not just something that comes and goes.

I’m excited about the album. It is very important to my heart and the acronym means after the love is gone. So if you go to iTunes or anywhere music is sold you will see love life and commitments 1,2,3. That was all about showing love to people and hip hop and my personal life, now A.T.L.I.G is saying no more! It’s time for me to build me so from the being to the end it’s all true and it’s just me and one of the best albums I ever have done!

Instagram: jon_hannz : https://www.instagram.com/jon_hannz/
Twitter: jon_hannz  : https://twitter.com/Jon_Hannz

Big homie e-sounds avaliveradio.png

Artist: Big homie e-sounds

New Release: Picture me rollin

Genre: Hiphop/rap

Located in: Gadsden Alabama usa

Big homie e-sounds is more than just about hip hop music they are a brand about all things in the hip hop culture. The song 'Picture me rollin' is inspired by the late great 2pac Shakur off his album all eyes on me. It’s lit up the audience on springing messages from “inspired to a track you take with you on the drive.” We think the artist has created something really powerful with a great beat, production and catchy yet authentic lyric that offers meaning.

The song is slightly different but it about just not sweating anybody or anything. Just picture me chilling stress-free of anything that will make you stop moving just keep rolling on and don't let nothing stop you.

Right now we are still working on our mixtape and making the video for 'picture me rollin' which is dropping soon across all streaming platforms Aug 19 you can preorder it now on spotify,itunes,apple music.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/brandsounds
Instagram: www.instagram.com/elumni

avaliveradio Look Like CarTi B (feat. Mega & Hatch) titus styles.png

Artist: Titus Styles

New Release: Look Like CarTi B (feat. Mega & Hatch)

Genre: Hip Hop

Located in: Detroit, MI

Titus Styles created his single "Look Like CarTi B" to be a fun, witty, sexy and funky way to pay homage to (in his opinion) the queen of hip-hop Cardi B. The song is the lead single on Titus Styles last EP release "Superfan Vol 1: For the Love At-Money". Which is a hip hop / comedy album inspired by the Beautiful & Corky Cardi B.

In addition to shooting a video for "Look Like CarTi B" is available on YouTube and Facebook. Titus Styles music can be found on all major streaming platforms. Also be on the lookout for his next single "Like a Drug" (feat. J-Mello).


indie music SPIN black dove.png

Artist: BlackDove

New Release: Walk My Way

Genre: Afrobeat; reggae

Located in: Atlanta

Aimed at getting the listeners up out of their seats, BackDove offers up a catchy tune catering to all the beautiful women of the world. This song is very important due to the fact that I'm looking to expand my brand internationally.

This song is about a man who walks into a club and sees a woman whom he's highly attracted to. He wants her to walk his way so he can get to know her more so they communicate through eye contact.

Coming up: Right now I'm in the studio recording my new upcoming project.

LINKS: https://open.spotify.com/track/4uPAbiZbqw7r6VLhxSqchr?si=ATqB1_xpQP60TKRm29TcDQ

Website & social media links:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/blackdovebrand
Instagram: @blackdovebrand

My Birthday waxadon avaliveradio.png

Artist: Wax'a'don

New Release: My Birthday Remix

Genre: Rap

Located in: Rockford, IL. US

This is a High energy track that makes you want to turn up. DEBOE ENTERTAINMENT, WHERE WE MAKE YOU WANT MORE!

This song right Here helped me to get a major distribution contract, as well as get me played on a few famous artists Pandora stations. I am also currently working on my first book " RepoMan". RepoMan will have its own soundtrack. First single Dropping in Dec of 2019. I recently Won an Article in Lifoti Magazine off the Reverbnation site that I am waiting to do.

I have 3 Albums coming by march 2020. I will be Cabin, which is whole album produced by Paul Cabbin himself. Next is the RepoMan soundtrack for my book. Then there is Cronic-N-Me with a whole album Produced by Jason of Cronic Beats. Hands down I have made some the most amazing music ever with this guy. But actions speak louder than words. You'll soon see.

Reberbnation- http://www.reverbnaion.com/waxadon 
Spotify Link- https://open.spotify.com/track/4ApcsWwdPQ2sc48by1uNGc
Twitter- https://twitter.com/kevinromez2
FaceBook- https://www.facebook.com/waxadon
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/waxadon

Chan i avaliveradio.jpg

Artist: Chan i

New Release: My life

Genre: Reggae singer-song writer

Location: Sweden

Chan crazy records is presenting young artists from Swedens underground fresh on the block. This track my life was performed by Chan I, a young recording artist from Jamaica. The music he is creating is about my life, it’s a representation about the real struggles that the youths in the ghetto face daily so this is a very important topic at this point of my career.

My new video release is coming up soon : X-Rated.