New Release from Country Artist Redneck Roughneck 'What You Mean To Me'

RedneckRoughneck avaliveradio.png

Artist: RedneckRoughneck

New Release: What You Mean To Me

Genre: Country

I am a from Alberta, Canada where my pursuit of music began just over a year ago. I have been told for many years that I should pursue music but finally decided to take the chance and audition for The Voice in Austin Texas. After returning home I did not let the rejection stop me and continued on building a small fanbase.

My very first song “What you mean to me” was written thinking about my girlfriend. I have been working awaay from home for 12 years missing many different holidays and special moments. My first single is about the hardships and sacrifices made to make my families life more than I ever had.

I love to create music because, Music can and does change the direction of a persons life one verse at a time. Music has taught me that through tough times, music will always be there to inspire.