New Single from Reggie called 'Easy'

reggie avaliveradio.png

Artist: Reggie
New Release: Easy

Genre: afro rnb/pop

REGGIE is a music producer, singer, songwriter. Born in Berlin Germany, he is known to be multi talented and a naturally inspired gentle man. With a pure root from Nigeria, west Africa He is known for his Unique beat, audio/sound production he calls "AFROTRONIC" (a fusion of Afro drum Beat and Electronic Synths), his music composing Skills, lyrical strength and unique vocal dexterity as a recording artiste always stands as a testament to this new genre. Reggie is also an entrepreneur that has great foresight to add to the industry he belongs to.

This act of brilliance is evident in his ownership of the beat factory called "THE HITMAKER ON DECK" With his sultry EP out in stores titled “passion fruit” Reggie is surely head strong in redefining the entire music scene. Through his production, Reggie is seen as gun powder waiting to explode the entertainment arena positively.

Music speaks through me. I am only but a vessel.

Twitter- @reggiereginald3
Instagram- kingreggiejr