New Release from Reijo 'You're The Mystery'

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Artist: Reijo

New Release: You're The Mystery

Genre: rock music

Located in: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This song is...
'You're The Mystery' is a beautiful and captivating rock pop/rock song with a much more modern pop groove, a sexier, soul song that is a slight departure from, but still contains Reijo's signature rock sound. The song has a duality. In the song, the writer is chasing a mysterious partner, an elusive soul, keeping the author guessing at every turn and is seemingly hard to truly find the point of connection.

A lover, a friend, or someone in our lives that is important to us, possibly the most important soul in your heart. Yet, in this rapidly shifting world it seems to be harder and harder, even in the most connected of times in human history, to stay intimately connected. So, as hard as it is, we let go more easily and our intimate bonds can still remain a mystery. You're The Mystery speaks directly to our listeners and fans as they are a part of this relationship between the band and the fans and that in itself is a mystery. 

The song is significant as it is representative of the changes we as a band are perceiving the world’s anxiety and how it is impacting us on a personal level. We are on the journey of exploring evaluating who we are and how that is expressed musically. This change can bring out the positive, and letting go of past can often bring profound change.

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The music we are creating is...
dynamic and layered and the release of 'You're The Mystery' now signifies an important benchmark to the direction musically we are taking as we work towards the completion of the third studio album. We want to meet a modern audience who still get excited about a particular nostalgia in the sound, in the music they grew up with. 

Art and music moves in cycles and we're attempting to blend familiar with modern. In some sounds out there it feels like 1983 to 85, we think we just at the cusp of being at the right moment, so this release is important for that.

In the studio, we are exploring different arrangements and soundscapes and working with a couple of different engineers and mix teams in order to create this reijo sound. We're excited to keep writing and recording and hope that that excitement builds for what we are about. 

For this song, we've added an electro piano to the sound and it features stunning delay taps and infinite sustain guitar pieces from Storm, and a sweeping, epic melody line delivered warmly and richly by James. Arrangement-wise has a whole second movement so more of an A/B feel than a standard rock verse verse chorus verse chorus arrangement. We're proud to bringing new ideas and challenges into the writing room and as a band we are pushing for new directions in our songs with our personal musical influences clearly guiding us in the studio

Right now we are...
so excited about album number three and getting new material out there. So watch for it in early spring '19, and in meantime keep looking for single releases along the way over the next coming months.


spotify link - to come on Nov 16th.