Behind The Music with RELEASER on The Haze


The Debut Album "Retox" (6 song Ep) from Releaser will certainly surprise you for a band just one year young. It's obvious to me that these musicians have brought their ‘A Game’ to the table with seven more songs still brewing on the fire rumored to be flexing a bit of hard rock muscle as the band continues to evolve their collective message. With a true love for performing, the band members are anxious to dive into their first tour but only when the time is right. Luckily fans of this band have a new music video to keep them entertained and 7 songs already playing on Spotify.

Review by : Jacqueline Jax : Radio Host of AVA Live Radio : iHeartRadio / Anchor fm/ Spotify


Stephen Richard Mueller - Vocals, Guitar
Andre Robert - Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Mederich - Bass, Vocals
Duane James Jr. - Drums

Person Interviewing: Andre Robert

Song name: The Haze

Music Genre: Alternative Rock

I live in...  Chicago

Link to play::

The song is about the next morning intoxicated, and the complications or arguments that may ensue.

The individual in the song has FOMO (fear of missing out) so feels the need to go out every night. Unfortunately, I feel this song is very relatable to many." - Stephen Richard Mueller

"Music is the essence of life. I've only met one person in the world that mentioned they don't listen nor like music. Blew my mind. I could not believe it. Music has saved my life in so many ways, and I'm positive it has for many others as well. No matter what genre, style, status, or intensity of the music or listener, it has the extreme power to grow one's personal self and serve a purpose in one's being.

Music allows me to wake up every day and lay myself down at the end. Releaser is a collected group of individuals that have seen some time on this planet, some bad, and some good. We have stories, pasts, and dreams of the future. But it's not all about us. Even though our songs are a personal reflection of addiction, obsession, and loss of self-control, we use that energy to fuel the pain, hope, and happiness to write something full of passion, energy, and truth. In hopes to do what music has done for us, save lives and inspire." - Andre Robert

"Releaser is a rock band, with a throwback alternative twist, topped with a bit of pop. We have many different influences, though we feel our contrasting styles and views allows us to gain originality in the rock world. If you listen to our debut record 'Retox", we are not a one-trick pony. I believe there is a song for every listener on the record. This is just the beginning, so I'm excited to see where this plane lands next. We were humbly blessed by working with Nick Radovanovic at Wire & Vice for our debut "Retox". I've been tracking music with Nick for some time but never with a full band.

Releaser AVA LIVE RADIO Behind The Music.png

I've always been a fan of his group, 'Acceptance', and all of the work he has done on current or previous projects. Once I introduced Nick Rad and Stephen, I knew it was a great fit. Nick is extremely talented and added so much to our first release. We consider him a fifth member of the band. His co-producing, engineering, editing, mixing, was all magic. Releaser could not be more proud of this product. Special shout out to Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering. He nailed it!!!"- Andre Robert

"Complete acts of kindness, selflessness, and true raw emotion is the strongest form of inspiration for me. Though I will admit, sadness, destruction, and hate have come a long way with creating. Definitely not the ideal scenario, but unfortunately the truth. Even though the basis of some work may not be the best feeling or day of the week, the power that the end result has can become something greater and most positive. It's how we react to every situation and card dealt that defines us. Through music, I have experienced love and loss. Literally gaining best friends for life, alongside depressing deaths. It's a gnarly world with ups and downs. But all is worth it for that one moment of creating something organic with other like-minded individuals. I love the six-string. The way it resonants in my hands, on my body, the endorphins that are released in harmony. It's an intense feeling that I wouldn't trade for the world." - Andre Robert

 "Like religion and politics, I'll try not to dig so deep haha. The world is changing and we are doing our best job to stay on top. Whether it's venues, live sound, marketing, it's always moving and we're just trying to keep up!" - Andre Robert

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