Rene Russell and the Bottom End Releases a Single with African Dun Dun Drums called DOODLEBUG


Artist: Rene Russell and the Bottom End

New Release: DOODLEBUG

Genre: ROCK-Americana

Located in: : Charleston, SC , United States

This song is...
We call our sound Percussive-Americana-Rock because it is based on Rene's creative 12-string playing style. Often you will hear people in the audience, usually other musicians, saying, " How is she doing that?" We have added a "Tribal" sound as well with the use of the African Dun Dun drum on the newest single, “Doodlebug”. We have a full drum kit as well as a Percussionist adding that extra dimension of earthiness.

I wanted to write an environmental song that people would want to listen to more than once, “Doodlebug” is that song, an environmental song you can dance to! It has that tribal earthy heartbeat, but speaks about other social issues as well.

The music we are creating is...
Although Rene has been playing solo for many years, the band, Rene Russell and the Bottom End, was created in early 2018, starting as a "Power Trio", which quickly evolved into 4-5 pieces. Adding a percussionist and Horn player created a much richer, 'World Music' dimension to our sound.

We have a diverse palette when it comes to musical genres and styles, you will hear us mix reggae rhythms and jazz influences together in 1 song, you'll hear the tribal rhythms, as well as pop and alt-country styles in our music.
'Doodlebug' is the first song we used the African Dun Dun on and it marks the beginning of this new level of sound we are creating.

Right now we are...
We are currently recording and will be releasing another single, "What Kind" in the next month. I was asked if I would write a song about the homeless situation here in Charleston, SC by a non profit group called, and we are excited to be performing it and other songs at their annual Concert at the Guillard Center in August!