Robby The Elf is here to bring you a Merry, Merry Christmas

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Band Name: Robby The Elf

Song name: Merry, Merry Christmas

Music Genre:: Christmas Crunk (This one is pop tho)

I live in...

Greenville, SC currently. I was born half elf on my mama's side, raised in an elf colony called The North Side, located on the north side, of the south side, of Michigan.

Link to play:: 


This song is about...

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. It was written for a young woman who has some challenges in her life and sings. So I asked her if I wrote a song for her to sing on, would she want to do it and she said yes.

My music is...

Clean, yet jammingly entertaining. I created a new genre of music called Christmas Crunk. It's like Eminem spent the holidays at Jazzy Jeff's. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes its serious, but it's always Hip-Hop and always Christmas. Holiday Hip-Hop that's not limited to the holidays.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..

This is my first ever pop single. It's a new direction for me but I'm always trying to challenge myself and create different sounds. I get beat makers wanting me to check out their beats but I don't use beats. I write songs that include music. I generally have my hand in the composition. Not always, but I usually have an idea and direction.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?:

 "Listen to the music. It will tell you what to say." I have made songs writing the lyrics first before the music and last after the music was made. Yet I will always listen to the music and I may change the lyrics or inflection of my voice accordingly. It's all about the rhythm.

When it comes to making music and the rap game,
just because you can doesn't mean you should.
Rappers rappin, claimin that they're famous,
But ain't nobody, knows what they name is.
They're raps rhymin, yeah, but the thang is,
They aint sayin nothing, just actin ignoramous.
Gangs, guns, ghettos, and hos, Whoa!
Ain't no debate most can't relate to that yo.
No need to be crude Dude, change your attitude,
And if you wanna show skill you gotta chill the ill & feel what's real.
My rap comes at you like a left hook from left field,
But I advocate the holidays, not violence and dolla bills.
I'm coming at you and I'm the first of my kind,
To try to find you entertainment while expanding your mind.
Now some get on the microphone and shout out loud,
And they ain't sayin' nothing gon make they ma proud.

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If you feel sad around this time of year, let Robby the Elf and Jacqueline Jax remind you of how Christmas can be your favorite time of year. We promise to inspire you, bring relief to your sadness and give you something wonderful to celebrate.

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