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The best new rock and roll hosted by Jacqueline Jax on AVA Live Radio


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Artist: Vix 20

New Release: Hashtag Change

Genre: Power pop

Located in: London

‘Hashtag Change’ is a song that’s a tongue in cheek look at President Trump. Unashamed Power Pop that doesn't take it self too seriously. We love all music from Abba to Zeppelin and everything in between.

We have been in the music business for along time we have had releases in Metal, rock and pop. We now only release what we like and have no pressures from labels etc. Video for Hashtag has just been completed, can’t wait to show it to the world!

@vixtwenty (twitter)

Artist: Ugly Melon

New Release: 'If you're wrong'

Genre: Rock /Hard Rock

Located in: : Toronto Ontario Canada

Have you ever questioned your faith? The new single ''If you're wrong' by Candian band Ugly melons is a song that challenges your religious beliefs. It's telling 'believers' ...' if you're wrong about all this shit, then this is where you'll end up'. 

The song can also be interpreted in such a way that it will force us to challenge all the things we think we believe in. Be open-minded. Look at things from many different angles, and be accepting of others, and their beliefs. 

'If you're wrong' is saying, you're not always right. And we all need to accept that at some point in our lives.

Our brand is old school - new school Hard Rock Music. Music with yesterday’s melodic writing and vocal style with today’s modern production.

Ugly Melon is influenced by the best British Bands in the World, Black Sabbath Iron Maiden Judas Priest White Snake with today’s bands like Disturbed. If you are looking for a new band to listen to with the elements of great classic rock and today’s modern edge, then look no further, Ugly Melon is your band.

Lu Cachie Guitars, Tony LaSelva Lead Vocals, John Libs on Bass, JT on Guitar and our secret weapon Biagio Diblassi on keys.

"I used to try and create what was considered mainstream and had some great success but never felt it was me. In 2015, I called up Tony LaSelva my very first singer as a teenager. He would be the only singer I’d call cause we are always on the same page with our musical direction. In 2017 we released our first album self titled. In 2018 we released Just a man a real Gem in my ears. What makes this band special is we are all original members. From our first band in our teen years, we know each other like a book. All on the same page and that’s very important.”

New video coming out soon too if your Wrong, Concert coming this fall and We currently working on the third album.

Music Video
Instagram: ugly_melons

Artist: Heavy AmericA

New Release: Motor Honey (Peace)

Genre: Rock

Located in: : Boston, MA, USA

Calling out to an age of classic rock where heavy, fractured guitars and snarling vocals rallied like war-torn battle cries, ‘Motor Honey (Peace)’ speaks to the more primal side of rock, capturing the energy and sounds of bands like Guns ‘n’ Roses, AC/DC and Queens of the Stone Age. Offering glimmers at heartier heavy metal that are swept aside by a more pronounced, melodic edge. "Motor Honey (Peace)" is a bellowing, rumbling, pedal to the metal anthem.

This is track number two in a series of Singles we plan to release over the next year. It's also the first track we have released with an accompanying video.

The Single and the video were released within two hours of each other. It made a huge impact on the song's release and reflected in more traction among the fans. We plan on making this a habit for the rest of the releases in the series.

Right now we are in full-on work mode!

Most of our summer has been spent in the recording studio tracking our Singles Series. We've got four completed and two more to go. Then it's on to developing the videos for each Single. Most of the footage has been collected but there's still a lot of production to do. We'll be back into full-on gig mode in October starting with two benefit concerts in the Boston area. Release number three will soon follow!



Artist: idly by

New Release: Concerned Realists Vs M&M's ft. Bec Stevens

Genre: Punk Rock, Indie

Located in:  Adelaide, Australia

Lyrically weaving through the difficult terrain of maintaining meaningful human connection and keeping one's self afloat, this sonically bouncy track, much like the rest of the album, takes a journey through some darker places. At a glance, idly by are making some high energy, fun, and catchy punk rock. In a closer inspection, there are stories to be heard in the lyrics of personal struggle and deep dissatisfaction with the status quo.

The band hopes that “throwing a saddle on these dark and personal themes might help people find a commonality in their struggles and broaden the platform from which people can speak openly about their issues”.

This deeply personal album has been a stepping stone. After such intensive introspection, the band is now looking outward and creating music to help inspire the human race to stop being such mindless twats hell-bent on fueling their extinction and causing the collateral damage associated with this selfish, consumptive path we are on.

Right now we are set your phasers to party mode because Idly By are climbing aboard Lil' blue Betsy and rolling into your town with all the swagger they can muster from the inside of a hatchback.

Their dark lyrical overtones are something you’ll have to mull over in your own time because their live show is a vivaciously eruptive spectacle and you’ll need all your faculties for dancing.

They’ve hand selected supports around the country and look forward to being a guest in your scene. Check out @idlyby on FB and insta for their Australian tour dates - announcements coming soon - Album available NOW on all major streaming services and


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Artist: 6 Speed Supernova

New Release: Groovy Stars

Genre: Rock / Alt-Rock / Classic-Rock

Located in: San Francisco, CA

A testament to the notion that it's never to late. Age is just a number. If you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to make you're dream a reality.

The music we are creating is...
a rock and roll explosion infused with flavors of jazz, punk, blues, metal and a little bit of this and that sprinkled in between. It is said that music in the soul can be heard in the universe. 6 Speed Supernova's galactic compositions will expand your mind, tug on your heart strings and throw you tumbling into the cosmos.

Right now we are...
etting ready to go back into the studio to record our album in October. We will be taking a mini Southern CA tour in December and will be opening for Steven Adler of Guns 'N Roses.

Website & social media links:

Artist: FireBrand

New Release: Single Eye (Recharged)

Genre: Metal - Industrial Metal

Located in: : Murray, Ky USA

Combining 90s style synthesizer dance grooves with aggressive guitars, drums, and vocals, I sing (and scream) about how our priorities direct the course of our lives and why it's important to focus on the right thing(s).

The song's lyrics contain loose metaphors and Bible references to eyes to convey that our lives will be well when our focus is on the truth and what is pure.

This song is a revamped version of the original song that I released on an album around eight months ago. Back then, the idea seemed to be in its adolescence, like some more work was needed to fully develop its potential. Since stepping up the track's arrangement, and recording and mixing quality, this song has come to be my favorite out of all the songs I've done so far. The influences of Circle of Dust, Klank, and Death Therapy come out in the groovy guitar riffs, harsh vocals, and the sporadic synth melodies.

The music... 

I am revamping the songs I've released at the beginning of 2019 to make updated impressions as to how I sound before working on new material. The "Overcomer- Re: charged" EP will feature rearranged and re-recorded versions of songs found on the original "Overcomer" album, with also some mashups. I loved how "Single Eye (Recharged)" turned out and felt that it did such a great job making an impression that I decided to make it the opening track on the upcoming EP.

The full EP will be released on September 13th of this year! Pre-orders are available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon MP3.

My website:
Song from Spotify:

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Artist: Tough On Fridays

New Release: Little Italy

Genre: Rock: Alternative Rock

Located in: Georgetown, TX

Tough On Fridays is a rising alternative rock duo from Georgetown, Texas. Comprised of best friends Katie and Caleigh, the two have turned their shared passion for music into an exciting blend of pop and rock sounds! Inspired by iconic alternative bands like Paramore, Green Day, Basement, and Nirvana, Katie and Caleigh work together to bring a refreshing new sound to the alternative rock genre.

The band’s unique attitude and exciting new sound have garnered serious attention from fans everywhere. As one of 10 songs recorded, the recording of "Little Italy" further defines Tough On Fridays sound as something unique. While many reviewers have tried to categorize the band, the one thing they seem to agree on is that Tough On Fridays, with their edgy, hooky, anthemic songs, may have the ability to bridge the gap between rock and pop in a way that hasn't been done in some time. They refuse to be categorized as a "female-fronted band" as these two can write and play every bit as well as the boys. They have the look, but refuse to let that be the stepping stone that takes them away from the music.

Right now...
Tough On Fridays just reached its initial crowdfunding goal to fund the recording of an album in 2020 with the help of a contribution from a local radio station.


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Artist: Black Cadillac Kings

New Release: Upside The Wall

Genre: Southern Style Rock

Located in: Klamath Falls, Oregon

This song is fast moving, quick pit stop structured song meaning it has the feeling of rolling down the highway at high speeds. Very catchy/bluesy guitar riffs and ultra southern slide Guitar lead licks mixed with thunderous drums and a stand-up bass that helps it keep a down-home southern rock groove combined with a rockabilly twist. The vocals lend a unique style in the originality of the sound of Shane Thornton (Lead) and Chris Garrett’s (Harmony) voices give them a sound all their own.

The name of this album is called 4 On The Floor. We took a harder, grittier, darker approach to this record both musically and lyrically. It is definitely the hardest rocking record that Black Cadillac Kings has released thus far compared to our 3 previous records 1. Self-titled Black Cadillac Kings 2. 2nd GEAR 3. 3 On The Tree

Right now we are gearing up for a mini-tour across the country starting off in our home town of Klamath Falls, Oregon at the Basin Brew & Que festival. Then we are off to Atlanta, GA to attend the 2019 ISSA AWARDS where Black Cadillac Kings have been nominated to the finals in 3 categories: Entertainer Of The Year, Band Of The Year and Single Of The Year!


Twitter handle @BlackCaddyKings

Artist: Black Rose Reception

New Release: Up jumped the devil

Genre: Hard rock

Located in: Indiana

The music we are creating is old and new school music mix. The message in this song is you can overcome the demons of depression, suicide, and stress that we all deal with. There are great and professional people out there who can help. Right now we are going in studio recording more new tracks.


Radio Drive sweet thing avaliveradio .png

Artist: Radio Drive

New Release: Sweet Thing

Genre: Alternative Pop Rock

Located in: St Paul, MN

The song is a sweet, simple, catchy, pop, love song. I've always loved pop love songs, like the early Beatles and Monkees. My older friends played that all the time when I was a kid. I just released a music video for my song "Sweet Thing".


Paul j clark afterglow avaliveradio.png

Artist: Paul J. Clark

New Release: Afterglow

Genre: Alternative rock

Located in: Nashville, TN, USA

The latest single from songwriter Paul J Clark, this song is about the longing to return home while searching for the fulfillment found in the responsibilities of life. Inspired by the Voyager space probe, the golden record it carries containing a time capsule of information about all of us, and a picture it took of Earth from over 4 billion miles away.

Written in the first person from the perspective of Voyager (a satellite of sorts), it’s an abstract metaphor grounded in very real human experience. This song is heavily influenced by the sounds from the ’90s. There are two conflicting emotions battling for resolution throughout the song. This is reflected in the song instrumentation and structure. It combines driving rock guitars with symphonic instrumentation to effortlessly weave together genres into something both nostalgic and new. Musically, it brings to mind guitar-driven songs from the likes of Collective Soul, Linkin Park, Train, Weezer, and Tom Petty.

Twitter: @PaulClarkMusic

Artist: Weather

New Release: Silent Approach

Genre: Indie Pop, Post Punk, Alternative Rock,

Located in: : Tabor (Czechia)

This song was written a month ago and it displays my feeling. It is an abstract form of writing lyrics. But the main theme of this song is the tiredness of our wasted society. There is a huge expectation of all of us that we can not fulfill during our short life. Weather is a one-man band whose music is influenced by the 90s DIY scene of Olympia, by new wave of post-punk and DIY hardcore punk from Czechia.

I made my studio at home and finally, I am completely independent to release my songs how they are coming out of me.

I am currently recording a full-length album probably released just online. If there is some independent record label which is interested in my music and wants to help me spread my music around, I will be very glad... Just contact me.



Freddy N Echiverri Music is such a time machine. Can take you to any time or place in an instant. I enjoyed listening.

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Terry Holcomb Good morning Jacqueline Jax

Seth Bowser Trendsetters! 🤘😎

Don Crown Great 👍 everyone. love it

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Ron Prater WOW. Just wow.

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Conny Dewelloh Awesome songs jacg i like this set .😍💋

David W Danosky Always a great one u did Jacqueline Jax

Paul Leighton Have not seen you in a long time David but your music choices sure are amazing I approve 👍

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Elhoucine Hounguiri nice mosic vvvvvvvvery nice goodluck jacgueline jax thank you so mutch

Terry Israel Lee Montgomery Jr. Music has the ability to have my emotions connect with people on another level. I’ve been listening to the station for a long time and I love everything that Jacqueline plays. She always discovers great new artists.

Gerry Dantone Music is the medium in which I am best able to express myself. You’ve done a terrific job on this.

Gregory Boyce Halls For some reason, when I listen to music.. everything else just drifts away.

Lynn Lavelle Poler Your music Takes me places😊 Thanks for that.

Jacqueline Jax I've always considered music to be my home. Where ever I am playing the music that I love, that's where home is to me. You guys have been creating music I love to keep on my playlist.

Walt Huntsman Music is a creative outlet and so inspiring. I create but I listen as well. Nice job!

Massimo Ricciardi Sanity is why I love music like this. lol. It’s crucial to making everything better.

Moses Mitchell When you listen to a great track you get piece of mind. Jacqueline always gives us a great set of musicians to discover each Monday and I never miss a show.

Victor Kanmelu my queen music offers Value and Money to me. Thank you Jacqueline Jax for sharing the music.

Johnny Travis Jacqueline Jax is my passport to new music discovery. Blessings for all that she does to bring these artists our way.

Terry Israel Lee Montgomery Jr. Listening and creating music offers me the ability to have my emotions connect with people on another level.

Lee Branden Black Harness Soothes my soul.

Michael Phoenix Flanagan An escape from the harmful frequencies of human impact and behavior

Newen Pastor The possibility of reviving exact moments from the past with just a melody.

Brandy Marie Austin Singing raises my vibration

Steve Wilkins To express my feelings in a song and have people respond to it.

David Walenga Like A time machine.

Steve Callas Stimulates the brain. A form of relaxation.

Mark Cedermark Relief to my ears beyond the explainable

James Crook A real feeling of freedom from our enslaved world ! Free expression!

Dillard Pullium Travel without the body moving. 🌎 Well sometimes.