New Hip Hop Release from RODD CROOK$ '4 MY RATCHET$'


New Release: 4 MY RATCHET$

Born in Anniston, Alabama Hip Hop artist Rodd Crook$ grew up in East Oakland California emerged in the Hip Hop Lifestyle. Managing to stay on a focused path, he graduated with a B.S in Business Management. He lost many friends along his journey which fueled his passion for writing. In 2006, at Contra Costa College he began writing with Met Diezul, an upcoming artist from Berkeley. In 2007 Crook$ started to work with Sick Shades where he learned music ownership and began to hone his skills for performing. 

After years of hard music business experience, Rodd Crook$ is now back in East Oakland with his own recording studio and a mission to give the Bay representation from the streets with talent and manpower. 

He has been building his brand now with a 100 track inventory of hip hop music featuring collaborations with other creators from across the globe, video and merchandising. The music is versatile and real representative of the Oakland California area.