Songwriter RODDAN sings of loss and regret in his New Single Don't Be Troubled ft. Eliza Gilkyson

Artist: RODDAN
New Release: Don't Be Troubled ft. Eliza Gilkyson

Seattle Washington

The year 2017 and the first few months of 2018 while writing these songs, was a troubled and difficult time for me personally to say the least. My third and current release, "Don't Be Troubled" reflects this time of loss and heartache. My latest recording is a follow-up to my 2017 EP "Bleed 432", and my 2016 Album "Music House".

The first song and title track, "Don't Be Troubled" tells of three different stories within the song itself. The first tells of love lost and the regrets about things he'd wished he had said.

The second about loss and the pain that comes with the inevitability of our own mortality. The third tells of a woman who plans, and has the beautiful wedding only to later realize that she doesn't love the person she married. Eliza Gilkyson sings harmony, and her beautiful vocals really make the song come alive.

The music biz…
like most things in this world, is controlled by major corporations. Although today's artists are able to record inexpensively, do their own marketing, utilize social media, etc.., today's artist's can not rely on getting a record deal, or a promoter to book them tours without first building a following from the ground up. In other words, talent alone, i.e., song writing skills, vocals, musicianship, is not enough to make a living in the business today. 

I enjoy performing but mostly enjoy the creative process of writing and recording original songs. Especially songs that connect all of us as humans. I feel there is a healing quality that manifests when we hear songs that touch us, both lyrically and melodically.