New Country Music Single from Rosemarie DeHerrera 'Let the Stranger In'

Artist: Rosemarie DeHerrera
New Release: Let the Stranger In

Genre: Country

This is a pop country song with an enticing, mysterious sound.  A very beautiful, different feel and reminds me somewhat of the same style as Garth Brook's song,  "Let The Thunder Roar."  My song uses chimes in the begining and a long drawn out guitar sound to almost sound like the wind.  There's nothing like it that's been done before and was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee!!!!!

This song is important to my music direction because its pop country but has a new style and tells a different story in a unique way with an eerie and  melodic sound.  The hook, repeated over and over, stays in your brain and you can hum it back.  It gets you thinking about new and exciting possibilities and passion.

Right now I am most excited about being asked by the Director of the Wilson County Fairgrounds, Quinton, in TN to perform at a big Summer Corporate event.  A band will be flown in from Texas, with me being the opening act for possibly Charley Daniels.  The fairgrounds is in Lebanon Tennessee, where he resides!!

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I live in…
I actually moved to Nashville on June 8th of 2017. It was an enormous step and leap of faith. What I love are the connections with people in the music business you meet every day. Everyone here says “the music business is built on relationships and everyone you need to know in the Country Music business is here in Nashville!”

It’s getting better and better everyday!

My dream since a small child of age 4 was to hear my songs on the radio! I’ve thought about it and worked every day of my life for that dream, and now AVA Radio is going to make it come true!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!

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