New Release from rte. 2 sniper 'Ground Zero'

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Artist: rte. 2 sniper
New Release: Ground Zero

Genre: Rock

We are 3 old guys from Boston Massachusetts. We use to play all the big clubs in the Boston area when the scene was at it's peak. Since then we write, record and discard one CD after another in our outdated studio. No fancy production here, just 3 guys doing what they love. We literally have hundreds in the can. Maybe it's time to let them out?

Or keep the lid shut? haha. We are called Rte. 2 Sniper. Our latest CD is called "New Duds". The featured song of the album is called Ground Zero. It's a straight forward rock song with simple lyrics about the expected or unexpected end of days. It's hard to pick one song since our genre has a vast range of styles. We picked this one because of it's relatable 3 chord, simplistic verse chorus arrangement along with a short story to go along with it.

As an indie artist there are certainly challenges. The oversaturated, digital music age. I will give you a "when I was a kid" example. Back in the heyday, there were only a couple of ways to learn how to play, and most of it was taught from friend to friend or you listened to an album and played along.

So, it was difficult to be super technical, so most bands were playing with more feeling an emotion. It was also a lot of work to get to the "play out in the clubs" stage. There were also more clubs than "good" bands back then, so bands would actually get paid either with actually money or at least free beer and food. Also, it made the band circuit more of comradery thing.

You would get on a bill with bands that you have been booked with before. Sometimes, multiple times. We all got to know each other and we either supported each others shows, or went to shows just to heckle each other.

NOW, everyone and their brother can play an instrument. Specifically guitar, and everyone is fucking pissa! I have never seen so many talented people out there on youtube, facebook etc. and they get younger and younger and more pissa and pissarer...... It blows my mind.

Like I said before, we are rocking the same chords to make songs and these kids are tearing up the neck!

But drummer Chris Raffi ALWAYS says to me when I get annoyed by all this talent that is saturating the digital music age, "Ya, they are GREAT, BUT, can they write a fucking song? Can they write something that you'll remember, or not want to make you shut it off? Most of the time my answer is no, they can't or at least I haven't heard a hit come out of any of these prodigies.

As a way to learn now, there is so much information, learning tools, technology, apps, sounds etc. That I hope the human soul doesn't get lost in all of it. Back in the 90's you could see the tip of this saturating ice berg and songs started to lose that personal, real, speaking to me feeling. Superdrag said it best. "Who sucked out that feeling?"

All we can do is keep going, and NEVER lose the love or the built in passion. We still love getting together weekly, even after 35 years and still get excited that we are getting together to either write, record, play live or just have a beer and reminisce, create, but most of all, we make sure we laugh our balls off at least once per visit. There are lots of laughs, but you need that one gut wrenching, can't breath times.  

I told myself, when I start say "I don't feel like going to the studio". Then it's time to hang it up. I hope I am in the ground before that happens.

The reason we love to create:
Well, me personally (Tim Dooley, bass player, singer), I was brought up with music all around me. My mom was a radio singer and a member of the USO in the 30's and 40's. She was singing as an amateur and professionally since she was 10 years old. My dad and his brothers were all musicians and were all playing Irish and Celtic songs in my grandmother's triple decker in South Boston (Southie) and eventually started playing out around the city. That legacy lives on through sons and grandsons. The Dooley Brothers.  

Chris Raffi, drummer for Rte. 2 Sniper says: I knew instantly that I was bound to play drums from the minute I saw a live drummer playing a live drum kit. It was magical and I knew right away that's what I wanted to do.

Denny Cahill, Guitarist for Rte. 2 Sniper says: I don't remember NOT wanting to play music. It's been a significant part of my life as far back as I can remember.

Obviously, there is something in our souls that motivates us, because we have been playing together since the early 80's and we haven't been paid or played any live shows since the 90's. (except one in 2012 at a Halloween Party, what a blast)

Call it passion, love for music, love for band mates, or just call it something to do creatively.



djofreshPretty dope stuff.

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thekristinmouraTheres definitely so much talent out there where we canb be learning from each other

carmentoth111Yep the internet certainly helped me learn to play but there is no substitute for a human showing you in real life 🤘🏻💜