New Single 'I Went Searching' from Rusty Reid

rusty reid i went searching ava live radio.png

Artist: Rusty Reid

New Release: I Went Searching

Genre: singer-songwriter

Located in:  Seattle, WA

I'm a guitar-oriented singer-songwriter cavorting in a somewhat strange mix of folk-rock, country-rock, new wave pop with a dash of modern sense and sensibilities thrown in for good or bad measure, depending upon your orientation. I don't comfortably fit into any particular genre, which is both a plague and a blessing, I suppose. I do try to write songs that contain a memorable, hooky, non-clonish melody, and lyrics that mean something.

Many of my more recent songs are philosophical, political, spiritual (not religious) in theme and message. Think "Imagine" by John Lennon. As an older artist, I'll leave the sexy stuff to the kids, while I can bring a perspective of wide experience and, hopefully, wisdom. "I Went Searching" is one such song, depicting a search for universal values and finding them lacking in culture.

On this track, I play all the instruments. I prefer not to do that; I'd rather play with great musicians. But the backing track to this one just flowed out one day and seemed like a keeper. This song is a different sound for me in a sense, though the 12-string guitars eventually get going, which is more like my typical sound if I have such a thing.


I've always striven to allow each song to speak for itself, to breathe as it wants to, rather than trying to squish it into a particular artistic style or genre. On my new album "Head to Heart," I'm happy that all the songs have a unique personality of their own. Definitely "I Went Searching" is one of a kind. I hope you enjoy and find the message pertinent to your search for universal values.

My new album "Head to Heart" was just released a few weeks ago, so "I Went Searching" is one of the very first songs being promoted off the album.

I'm very excited about the release of my new "Head to Heart." I call it a "Revolutionary Manifesto in Song!" I am taking on all of the big questions and the lingering malignancies of culture-at-large. I also have a handful of videos available in support of the album. More to come soon.