Saint Ee Ha talks self and ego on Surrender

Saint Ee Ha surrender.png

Artist: Saint Ee Ha

New Release: Surrender

Genre: rock,singer-songwriter

Located in: Los Angeles

This song talks about the duality of life, it indicates the conversation between the self and the ego, the zero of ego is a kind of surrender to the self.

We are Saint Ee Ha East Western Rock Band from Los Angeles, (EE HA = SOUL ) Saint Ee Ha is a musical revolutionary committed to uniting the world under a simple unified message to "Kill the Poverty" through powerful and motivational music.

We are performing live shows on Memorial Day 26 May at IVAR HOLLYWOOD this event is organized by Sound the groove and on the 30 May we are headliner Act 11.30 pm, we are also working on "Dance" MUSIC VIDEO and we are planning on a crazy music video on the song "Surrender" We also plan to release a New Music Album.