SAINT EE HA's East Western Rock Single looks to Unite the World | Listen to Wild Animals

Wild Animals avaliveradio.png

New Release: Wild Animals

Genre: Rock

SAINT EE HA ! East Western Rock Music intended to unite the world for "EE HA" movement "KILL THE POVERTY" EE HA = soul. We blend Eastern Music and it's Philosophy with Western Rock, toasting it up with cutting edge Punk Vocals. Inspired by Michael Jackson's work like "HEAL THE WORLD", "USA FOR AFRICA" Saint EE HA is Music Revolution Entertainment with theatric acts.

It has it's Unique Signature in the current music scene. Song Lyrics reflect deeper Human Values, Love for Mother Earth, Spiritual Evolution and Freedom of Mankind. Influences include Michael Jackson, Queen, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Ilaiyaraja, A R Rahman and many more.

Music Business is Going to Hell. Being a musician today got to give it all you got.

Why you love to create music? .That's what we are made for.