Behind The Music with Sansha Blue on Give It Time

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Sansha Blue and Jacqueline Jax speak about his new Single ‘Give it Time’ and how he’s been figuring out this transition from high school to college. We also discussed how he found his balance to stay on track with his music creation in New York.

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Band Name: Sansha Blue
Chris Paraggio
John Baggetta
Finn Ruane
Stephen Papa
Trevor Jones

Person Interviewing: Chris Paraggio

Song name: Give It Time

Music Genre: Alternative, Indie, Alternative Rock

I live in... Carmel, N.Y.

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The song  "Give It Time" is just about hoping that things might change if they’re given enough time to do so.

It's easy to see time as a buffer to hold off potential disaster long enough for problems to be solved. While I reference some specifics regarding religion, or family, or my self-control, I think the general message is something that a lot of people have been feeling lately.


It might be kind of cliché to say that music is some sort of creative vent or outlet, but maybe that’s just because it’s the truth. Lately, this music is only me saying what’s on my mind, without thinking about it too much. It’s been very freeing sacrificing constant poetry for what I perceive as a greater level of authenticity.

I think this song is pretty representative of that direct and honest approach I’ve been trying to take with my songwriting. It sounds a bit lighter than a lot of the past stuff, too. Like a lot of the new music, this song was heavily inspired by a lot of my favorite 80’s music, particularly those of post-punk and new wave artists/albums. While it shows that I’m open to a lighter and more upbeat sound moving forward, I wouldn’t say that this makes it representative of the new music as a whole. 

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I worked with my longtime friend and more recent creative partner John Baggetta on this entire project. After collaborating with Edward Smith on “Without Me”, the more recent E.P., I didn’t want to undertake an entire album on my own. So, he engineered and co-produced everything with me (not to mention doing some writing with me, too). I’m genuinely excited to see what we make next.

The thing that keeps me going with making music is quite simply the possibility of success. I honestly don’t even know how I would define success at this point, at least as a whole. But seeing more and more people listen to my music just really makes me excited to write and record more of it. 

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Making music is insanely fun for me. Finding sounds and ways to stick notes together that I haven’t explored before is just a super exciting process, and it’s so much of what I do. 

Being that I still perform all of the instruments and vocals alone for these songs, my favorite instrument changes day today.

There’s so much static to cut through as an independent artist; as it is for any entrepreneur, being seen and heard in the first place is the most difficult part of the job right now.

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Johnny Travis I’m going through this now. We're going to find out. My nephew Josh is away to university in Sept for 3yrs to study A&R Music Management and lots of the things you teach.In the mean time I'm gonna keep him close as he plays in our band and he's only 70 miles along the road in Leeds.