Behind The Music With Sansha Blue on Dig

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Song name: Dig
Artist: Sansha Blue

Music Genre: Alternative, Alternative Rock, Experimental Rock, Indie


My music is the best way for me to speak my mind and be heard.

Person Interviewing: Chris Paraggio

This song is about relationships. Not necessarily romantic relationships, or even interpersonal relationships. Anything and everything has a type of relationship with what’s around it; and in any relationship, there is a balance of power. Whether that balance is even or not, however, is up to the participants. 

To me, this song is about a relationship of my own. It is also about the ever-fluctuating balance of that relationship. But it is a song for everyone, their own relationships, and their own balance.

 I think this new album, "The Grey Area", kind of closes a chapter. A lot of these songs were written around the same time, when I was in a certain headspace. This album defines me pretty well right now, and although my next project may be a bit different, this album should give people a good idea of what I’m doing and why I’m here.

 I think that being okay with making mistakes is crucial. My high school music teacher preached this to me for four years until I finally accepted it and understood how right he was. Like I've said, some of the coolest things in my music have come from mistakes.



Interview notes:
Chris Paraggio, creator behind Sansha Blue visits with host Jacqueline Jax about his new album 'The Grey Area', being in music creation and making the finer decision on an album from track order to intensity of lyric and flow. Plus the Broken Head logo story.





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