Turning Back to 80's Punk a New Single Mental Zoo by Sarah Sunday

Her Latest Single MENTAL ZOO - offers a playful edge with brilliant vocal hooks, pulsating downbeats and tempo flows with that Punk Rock/New Wave core, rounding out perfectly. This single is part of a collaboration between Sarah Sunday and Producer Mbj.


Artist: Sarah Sunday
New Release: Mental Zoo

Genre: Alternative Poppy zpunk
Located in: East Brunswick NJ USA

This song is the sound and style of PUNK Rock/New Wave that ruled the airwaves in the ’80s joins this Retro Vibe Revival with the vocal prowess of SARAH SUNDAY! The track title, Mental Zoo really puts a spotlight on Anxiety and Depression issues that are all too common, we tried to write a song which shows these Mental issues can be solved, kind of has a happy ending! Let’s run away….on a bright Sunday, we both are familiar with these issues….and wanted a happy sounding song about a dark issue...

I got started about two years ago officially, I always wanted to start a band back in my early years and one day while I was working at my day job, Producer MBJ, out of nowhere approached me to work on a project, for some reason I did not hesitate, I jumped in full force! Yes, I said, Yes in a second! It was surreal...

Both of our (Producer MBJ & Sarah Sunday) influences are really many bands from the ’80s. Mbj had a successful electronic band named ISH then. We loved the same bands, The Smith, Blondie, Joy Division and our music is a combo between Synth bands and Guitar bands. I would say in fairness I’m often associated with the styles of Avril Lavigne and Blondie!!!

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 5.57.32 PM.png

Mbj writes most of the music or framework of our tracks, I listen, add some of the vocal melody lines and add some backing tracks in the program we use to record the vocals. (Logic x). After that, we both work on lyrics and the songs take shape, smooth and simple…We have another track finished, this would be what we used to call the B-Side, soon to be released. Possibly titled “Ink My Skin" 4 other tracks are recorded and ready for a final mix. The 1st two tracks are pure Poppy Punk with a twist. The other remaining tracks are more complex to give our listeners a variety and show our depth.

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