Behind The Music with Satin on Magnolia

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Band Name: Satin

Person Interviewing: Robert Cross

Song name: Magnolia

Music Genre: Alternative rock

I live in... Los Angeles, California

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In short, "Magnolia" is about unrequited love. The metaphor of using a magnolia flower (as opposed to another kind of flower) is due to magnolias being older and very different from all other flowers that currently exist.

My music is...
very guitar driven and lyrics are honest and derived from my own personal feelings and experiences. Writing and performing music gives me a channel to articulate my thoughts and feelings and share my ideas with others in hopes that they can enjoy and relate to it.

This song, "Magnolia", and the entire Drop Dead Gorgeous album was deliberately made to be a guitar album as that's where were I'm at creatively and as a musician. I look forward to expanding those horizons moving forward, but wanted this album to be guitar driven as a musical statement of where I'm at now in my songwriting and my musical career.


How do you think this release represents your current direction..
The lyrics to "Magnolia" are about unrequited love. The opening line "I'm driven by what I find drop dead gorgeous/Possessed by my passion and desire" was written as such to establish right away that this is a song and album about love. It's from that line that I derived the album title, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

David Bucci provided the lead guitar on "Magnolia". He's a much more capable guitarist than myself and was able to help elevate the song with his playing.

Drums and production were provided by Tim Frantz, who provided my great drum fills and helped arrange the harmony vocals performed on the song.

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What most inspires you?
I was raised in the greater Los Angeles area and have lived in southern California most of my life. I started playing guitar in high school specifically to write songs and over the last several years I've been expanding to learn the piano as well. Through writing and music I've been able to find an avenue to articulate my thoughts, emotions and experiences.. with the hopes of being able to connect with others who can relate or who have had similar experiences and can hopefully enjoy.

The music business is ever changing…
which is ultimately a good thing but can be demanding as well. Advances in technology over the past 20 years have helped give unsigned artists an opportunity to connect with an audience that previously wasn't possible.

I feel fortunate to be alive in a time where I can have the opportunity to reach an audience that technology didn't allow as recently as 15-20 years ago.

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