New Single from Seansoul and The Burgundy Band called Backturn Mix

Seansoul back turn.jpg

Artist: Seansoul and The Burgundy Band

New Release: Backturn Mix

Genre: Hiphop/Soul

Located in: Coffeeville Mississippi

The hip soul sound is a a reflection of the culture of Mississippi soul and blues blended with hiphop. This mix has a soul driven truthfully lyrics detailing slammed door slander betrayals back turns and how it's so important to stay strong and "Keep on Moving" The mix is live bass driven have different tempos and feels thru out the flow.

As an artist, this release is personal from me to the fans. I feel it’s relatable to all walks of life just to encourage people to let it go and never allow the negativity of betrayal to distract your progress.

Right now we are...: #8thStudioSingle #MusicBeCallingMe #ComingSoon

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