New Metal Release Castle in the Sky by Shadow of Everest

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Artist: Shadopw of Everest

New Release: Castle in the Sky

Genre: Metal, Groove Metal

Located in: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

This song is...
Bands that really do it for us are Black Sabbath, Mastodon and Tool. It’s all about mean muggin’ to a really tight riff. We really enjoy music that grooves so we write the exact same way. Castle in the Sky was a premeditated attempt to maintain our groovy nature but focus a bit more on a simple melody and lyrics.

The music we are creating is...
This particular song may be the easiest for people to relate to. It's a little more straight-forward than our typical riff salad. When we were putting our new album together we picked that moment to challenge ourselves and try to write a song a little out of our comfort zone. We want people to see that don't have to follow a formula and we can be whatever the song needs us to be.

Right now we are...
Right now we're about to release our second EP titled, THE HUNTING GROUND. We're really proud of the songs that came out on this one and we think the quality in the mix is unbelievable.

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