New Single 'Hard For Me Feat Vidal Garcia' from Shorty ONE Supreme

Shorty ONE Supreme avaliveradio.png

Artist: Shorty ONE Supreme

New Release: Hard For Me Feat Vidal Garcia

Genre: Hip Hop. Pop

Located in: : Waldorf MD

My music is a reflexion of myself and the life I once and still live in.

This song is a smooth party track with a good Caribbean feeling. I feel this is the most commercial track I have ever done. I'm excited to see where this track is gonna take me. At the moment I’m recording singles for the flexibility and inspiration that they bring.

Born in Richmond VA to a father who joined the Air Force when he found out my mother was pregnant, Shorty ONE Supreme ended up moving from base to base every few years. Moving from California, Japan twice, Florida to Maryland, hanging on to friends was tough. All I could gravitate to was music as it was the only constant in my life. In high school, I played the trumpet. That formal music education talk me to read music and also write it. I realized I could write stories in high school during a state examination. I just put my new found love of writing and my ability to understand music together and now here I am.