See why Sirens and Shelter is captivating audiences wherever they go

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Full of passion and heart, Sirens & Shelter leave everything on stage whilst on tour giving relentless live performances and captivating audiences wherever they go. Blood, sweat & broken guitars are the order of the day and this latest track, 'Carried Your Weight' from the new Sirens & Shelter upcoming CD 'Sound The Alarm', is a catchy as hell but heartfelt pop-punk rendition of a love/hate story.

Artist: Sirens & Shelter

New Release: Carried Your Weight

Genre: Rock, Indie, Pop-punk, emo

Located in: : Kent, UK

The music we are creating is... : 

Engineer Records is an independent label with incredibly talented and hard-working bands that you just need to hear. Sirens & Shelter for this mold well and take emo rock song-writing to another level, with both acoustic indie and full-on electric rock songs that you will hear once and then be singing forevermore. 

This is the first single from Sirens & Shelters brand new release.

This will be their fourth release on Engineer Records.

“Sirens & Shelter has an amazing energy that can’t be resisted. When you watch their music video, the lead singer leads you on a journey. His vocals tell you a story with vibrancy and authenticity utilizing a wide range that offers the warmth of tone and clarity that you would expect from every singer but rarely get. You should keep a close eye on this UK band on the rise. “

Jacqueline Jax : Radio host for AVA Live Radio

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Johnny Travis Top sound really enjoyed this record.