See why Sirens and Shelter is captivating audiences wherever they go

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Full of passion and heart, Sirens & Shelter leave everything on stage whilst on tour giving relentless live performances and captivating audiences wherever they go. Blood, sweat & broken guitars are the order of the day and this latest track, 'Carried Your Weight' from the new Sirens & Shelter upcoming CD 'Sound The Alarm', is a catchy as hell but heartfelt pop-punk rendition of a love/hate story.

Artist: Sirens & Shelter

New Release: Carried Your Weight

Genre: Rock, Indie, Pop-punk, emo

Located in: : Kent, UK

The music we are creating is... : 

Engineer Records is an independent label with incredibly talented and hard-working bands that you just need to hear. Sirens & Shelter for this mold well and take emo rock song-writing to another level, with both acoustic indie and full-on electric rock songs that you will hear once and then be singing forevermore. 

This is the first single from Sirens & Shelters brand new release.

This will be their fourth release on Engineer Records.

“Sirens & Shelter has an amazing energy that can’t be resisted. When you watch their music video, the lead singer leads you on a journey. His vocals tell you a story with vibrancy and authenticity utilizing a wide range that offers the warmth of tone and clarity that you would expect from every singer but rarely get. You should keep a close eye on this UK band on the rise. “

Jacqueline Jax : Radio host for AVA Live Radio

Label Website:



Johnny Travis Top sound really enjoyed this record.

jagdishdeori ✌️😎

tiona_music_journey_ wow yes so@long ago 😂

caramel_dmv Yes indeed. It was a time of transition and growth that allow me to write some of my most memorable songs.

avaliveradio it was hard for me because my life with my family involved music and being around the entertainment biz. Being away made me focus on my education. I couldn’t wait to get back to where the fun was. Haha

lyuppa I can seriously relate to this , as many others ..🕊⚜️

avaliveradio I think it’s really important to prioritize skills and craft over fame. Distribution and advertising are important but at the end of the day, people won’t follow until you give them something incredible. Smart move. 😍😍😍

officialmattiamusic 💪💪Muscle man. I like your style.

releaserofficial 🤘🔥👌👍Good job. Keep it up man.

ryansmusic 💙100% raw. Enjoyed it.

indiemusicspin I first heard this on the discover page of this website. I also noticed rock and hiphop pages just released. Great idea. This artist has created a song that has good energy and movement. I think the lyrics are easy to resonate with and have honest sentiment.