Smokey lo key on No breaks Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

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Jacqueline Jax speaks with Smokey lo key about making music, overcoming your personal obstacles and relationships. Listen to the full episode on the broadcast now.

Artist: Smokey lo key

New Single: No breaks

Music Genre: Hip hop

I live in... Lakewood, Washington

Link to play:

The song is about the daily struggles and obstacles we face. At some point, they can become overbearing but by focusing on the grind and being yourself, you can doing you and through my music I find a release of stress, like it's the only way I can get the b.s. out my head.


How do you create music?

I start with the beat. Ghost sends me a beat and once that rhythm is in my head, I start writing lyrics. It gets to a point where they can’t wait to get out of my head and on to paper.

How do you think this release represents your current direction...

It fits perfectly. This release is a perfect representation of what I'm feeling and what I'm seeing through this world. I worked on this with Ghost (u like it I love it), he's the bro bro.

What most inspires you?

I face certain struggles not everyone goes through every day. I've got some chemical imbalances in my head. The pills don't work, the liquor neither, pot sometimes but every time I'm in that studio or listening to that new beat everything else disappears. I now have the time to be free, free to express how I feel. I take that mask off when I walk inside the studio door and Smokey Lo Key is home. My emotions can be channeled into something beautiful and it makes me feel complete. 

I'm also inspired by the guitar. It's my favorite instrument just because my grandpa used to play it at every family function, one of the few memories to hang onto.

What’s one piece of advise that makes you feel better?

We will always face obstacles and criticism especially in this business but if you’re doing what you love nothing else should matter, you’ll make it work.

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