Behind The Music with Sonny King and Pietro Nannucci on We Still Have a Dream

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Band Name: Sonny King and Pietro Nannucci
Song name: We Still Have a Dream

Genre:: Hip Hop / Inspirational
I live in... Greensboro, NC

Link to play::

This song is made for the culture, to reiterate the dream of Martin Luther King that all men & women are created equal. We decided to use music, words and images to express our vision and our belief. We collaborated to make a song with the hope that many would join us in our efforts for a better future, a better world. But, most importantly for the future generations.

My music is...
My music is my life, it is for everyone. It's my one true passion and one of the things I can't live without. This song was done for the charity organization "Music for Love" as a way to help connect people with the vision they have of helping one another and bringing us closer as a nation. Musically this is the first time I've a song in this style but I am thankful for this opportunity.

 Music advise...
It's funny but the one thing I always remember was a painting I saw once that said "Music is the voice of the Heart". It always stuck with me. Through sound, music has always been my way of expressing myself.

I love to create music because it is one of the last true forms of magic on earth. You can be sad and hear the right song and feel uplifted or hear a song from your childhood and be taken back to that exact moment in time when you first heard it. Music connects people without ever speaking a word.


Greensboro, NC. Producer and studio engineer Sonny King collaborates on a “music for love” charity project with Pietro Nannucci as a kick off for a US tour. Sonny is also working with other artists and publishing companies producing music from his studio. We also talked about Sync licensing and being more consistent in preparing for a music career that is driving revenue.

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