New Hip Hop Single from SOUF 'Jammin'

SOUF avaliveradio.png

Band Name: SOUF
Name of song: Jammin (Prod. deyjanbeats)

Genre: Hip Hop
Jammin is a song for minds that feel like they are constantly under pressure, having to contain hectic thoughts. It's about the smile we try to put on our faces when we feel awful but cannot let the world in. It's about finding that inner spark of energy inside a dark space or moment. Jammin is an upbeat record for down souls.

Twitter: @Da_RealSOUF
IG: darealsou



  • avaliveradioJammin this vibe. Love the song description. Thanks For making the world a better place

  • carl.ceoWhat's good? We manage Platinum Producer K.E. On The Track. Just heard some of your music and decided to write.#YouGotHitz Hit me on the DM. Let's chop it up.

  • zone6nycYo if you're ever looking to record some tracks, hmu. You got some good stuff and we'd love to hook you up for the low.

  • caramel_dmvDigging the flow and the vibe is 🔥. Definitely one of those songs you can rock to with the window down in the car during the summertime.

  • sixstringzen70A very electronic one,obviously,touch of reggae feel

  • chwmaestroI’m feeling that vibe!

  • homerikofficialOooooo this is pretty sick!

  • brassylucaKool

  • kalvinj.evansOn 🔥 with the tunes!

  • thecocoscottGreat driving music :)

  • thatchrisleeThere's something profound about those dark moments.

  • thekristinmouraDefinitely something you can jam to!

  • y.c_photographerHi. I just posted a new cover!! Can you like It? I hope you have an awesome dayy ❤❤

  • darinjellisonmusicDigging deep to push forward. It’s a great message.

  • carmentoth111I get a “car driving by me blaring this song in the summer” vibe 🤘🏻❤️

  • retroyaya8I dig this

  • darealsouI appreciate everyone for the support! Be on the look out for new tracks 🔥