Hold On as Nashville meets Classic Rock in the New Soul Creed Single

Hold On Soul Creed.png

Artist: Soul Creed

New Release: Hold On

Genre: Rock, Christian Rock

Located in: Charleston, SC

Where Nashville meets Classic Rock! Influenced by iconic artists such as The Beatles, Tom Petty, Jars of Clay, and Christ Stapleton, this acoustic-driven, slide guitar reeling newbie with punchy 4-part harmony chorus vocals shares the story of a lonely 18 yr old girl raised in an orphanage and forced to face adult life on her own without hope in her world. However, the story turns positive with an admonishment for her to "Hold On" there is Someone you can turn to for help! No matter what circumstance you face in life, you are NEVER abandoned or alone!

The music we're creating is both lively and passionate telling stories that convey common human struggles with personal pain and loss, desire, and dealing with the hand life dishes out, and the ongoing spiritual search for love and truth. This song and style mark a step up in maturity in our music journey.

Soul Creed is getting set to perform several weekend dates this summer in Western New York, North Carolina, and Georgia, as well as a visit Nashville, TN in October! On June 16 we will be hosting the 2019 Extreme Tour event in North Charleston, SC. We are currently working on a studio album titled "Stake The Claim", looking to see release sometime in the next year!