New Instrumental Electronica Single Anthem from Sound Machine

Sound Machine anthem.jpg

Artist: Sound Machine (Band)/Sunil Bhatia (Artist)

New Release: Anthem

Genre: Electronic Rock

Located in: : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
This is an instrumental Electronica track with rock and symphonic elements in it.

The music we are creating is...
a blend of the rock and pop music along with electronica and techno sounds. It is able to reach across a wider audience, hopefully making them want to dance.

Being the third track from the 2nd Album by the Sound Machine(Band)/Sunil Bhatiia(Artist), it’s in continuity with the earlier track submitted to and played by AVA Live Radio.


Right now I am...
a Singer, Songwriter and Composer based out of Mumbai. I have also authored a storybook with a poems section called "My Feathered Friends & the Book of Poems-Part 1" available across online platforms.