New Ambient Mix Single from Sound Machine 'Dope'

Sound Machine Dope Art (Ambient Mix).png

Artist: Sound Machine (Band)/Sunil Bhatia (Artist)

New Release: Dope (Ambient Mix)

Genre: Electronic, Psychedelic, Ambient, Acoustic, Rock. Can also be considered in the category of Lounge Music.

Located in: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This song is...
This is an Instrumental track in the easy listening space. The Music is simple yet infused with sounds which would take one back the the 60 and 70's era of Acoustic Rock Music, at a slower pace.

The music we are creating is...
This track is the outcome of the Sound Machine's endeavor to bring out something new and different with every track. Hope that the listeners like it and takes them back to the good old days of Analog music and sounds. This is from the second album of Sound Machine. Will hopefully add vocals in future mixes.